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nnnoxious [entries|friends|calendar]

i don't want to like.. kidnap his grandmother; that'd be creepy.
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anls3x. [17_ Saturday _2006______ 09_24_p______ ]
hah. that's going to be my license plate, and also a branch of my clothing line, that i am going to start, and it'll be the sex.on.wheels bitches!

waiting. [16_ Tuesday _2006______ 10_20_p______ ]
ahh. i can't wait until my book gets here.

it'll be snazzarific in the only sort of way instructional books can be =}

[28_ Friday _2006______ 05_13_p______ ]
its.. my brothers birthday. and hes being and ass >.

[25_ Tuesday _2006______ 09_29_p______ ]
hah. im updating. w00t.

i now. attend internet school. so i sit in the house all day. and i really need to get out more >.<
and i have time to do all this nifty "i'm in an extremist cult of 'iworshipthecomputerismandupdatemyljallthetime' nothing against any of you people that do update all the time. i just think its funny.

well anyways. off to change my layout cause imasupernerd and know how to handle all that snazzy shtuf.

[14_ Monday _2005______ 08_08_p______ ]
>.< i have a deranged sense of what i should wear.. and what goes together. and i really need. to do my homework

[27_ Thursday _2005______ 07_24_p______ ]
crazy, virklich i swear.

[22_ Saturday _2005______ 06_43_p______ ]
gr. i want to go to my cousins. and watch spookies.

[21_ Friday _2005______ 05_20_p______ ]
robby is coming over 'at dark.' as he so nicely phrases it :D or maybe not 'at dark' because his brother is crazzy. yup.

[20_ Thursday _2005______ 06_21_p______ ]
i <3 JOJ.

heh. i am going to dye my hair tonight. we'll see how it turns out ^.^

or not. but thats cool too. :D

[18_ Tuesday _2005______ 07_09_p______ ]
today. sucked. my history teacher. gave me a 0 on an assignment that i was absent for.. because supposedly i was 'unexcused' um.. no. the only class i have been unexcused from.. is 4th period. bitches. >.<

and robbi is here. so that is cool. but he is sleeping. so maybe not.
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[18_ Tuesday _2005______ 07_09_p______ ]
today. sucked. my history teacher. gave me a 0 on an assignment that i was absent for.. because supposedly i was 'unexcused' um.. no. the only class i have been unexcused from.. is 4th period. bitches. >.

lost. [17_ Monday _2005______ 08_55_p______ ]
lost energy drinks.. = sex. on wheels :D

heh. not really. :D

[17_ Monday _2005______ 02_03_p______ ]
hah. im at... school.

and im going to.. go catch the bus...
in 2 minutes :D

i <3 the weekends [15_ Saturday _2005______ 09_18_a______ ]
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you get to wake up.. whenever. you get to lay around. you don't have to do.. anything.

ah. bliss :D


[09_ Sunday _2005______ 11_23_a______ ]
robby might come over and stay the night....


the MySQL service is now working....

double yay!


im lame


pch.. [08_ Saturday _2005______ 08_14_a______ ]
the MySQL server won't start. damn x_x

RoR is GOD; again. [07_ Friday _2005______ 04_33_p______ ]
and expage.. is incredibly dumb. I haven't used it since i was like 8 but; its gotten dumber. its the effin best hah. right.

o.O i still need to fix my MS and my LJ they are ugly.

mm.. robby spent the night last night; spooky. i need to make a political cartoon for history; because i didn't go to school for the past.. couple.. days. x_x bad. me. oh well.

i don't get the point of high school anymore. all of a sudden.. its just like. why? i've wasted 16 years of my life on school; when i could've been doing better things. like RoR or riding horses instead of sitting in a classroom; getting information pumped into my brain.. about stuff that i probably won't use for the rest of my life.

leo and diana brought their travel trailer over. O_O they are living in our backyard. in a travel trailer. its kinda interesting; because now.. my mom will always be over there.. instead of in the house.

i wonder what page we're on it AP.

oh well.

wow. i downloaded a song; that was recorded.. off the radio. O.O i'm glad people take that much time out of their lives to record music off the radio.. to upload it onto their computer... to let me download it.... wow. jeez.

tschuss; doll.

nifty... [05_ Wednesday _2005______ 07_08_p______ ]
RoR is so nifty :D

i lied. its not that nifty. its irritating O.o
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holy hell. [04_ Tuesday _2005______ 09_24_p______ ]

this layout is going to have to change.. and soon. O.o providing i get the time.. soon. of course. maybe... im so fucking bored. so i joined this cool little community again. pchh. now i need to go hunt down all those cool kids that i know. and add them to my friends list. so i can read what they have to say about life, leave a purdy little comment on it, and go about my life.

lets see how long this lasts

god... my mom is yelling.. at me... again.

how typical.


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